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Steve Petersen Productions, Inc. 501c3 Non Profit: Poet Tree

Steve Petersen Productions, Inc. Non-Profit 501c3 - Poet/Singer/Songwriter

The "Poet Tree" 2008

“What can help our children express the song in their hearts?” The “Poet Tree” created in 1994 at the Palapas Garden Artist Center in Palm Springs CA described as ‘positive, inspiring, and enchanting". Most recently created in the garden at Cielo Vista Elementary School and sponsored by the City of Indian Wells, “We were.. so impressed by the creative, thoughtful, and educational aspect of a Poet Tree that we funded the entire cost of the materials needed to turn a beautiful olive tree planted in the schools garden into the site of an artist (Steve Petersen) designed display of student poetry. The Poet Tree project will support California Public School Standards for reading and writing in all grade levels at the school.” December 25, 2006

Steve formed Steve Petersen Productions Inc. an Non-profit, 501c3 Corporation clearly stating his devotion with this MISSION STATEMENT: “To provide the experience of creative expression and achievement through poetry, music, writing, dance, theater, and art.”
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Achievement - GOAL

Please visit "Achievement" and click on "Poet Tree Success Video".
Our Children need the ARTS and the OPPORTUNITY to express themselves.
They need to experience "Achievement".
Thank you from the center of my heart. Steve